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CUONLINE Islamabad(isb)

Comsats Islamabad was the first campus of Comsats Institute of information technology. It was established in 1998, and now there are almost 8,000 students enrolled. Students of Comsats Islamabad click below button to visit their student portal.


CCuonline Atd

Comsats Abbottabad was opened on 3 September 2001; it is well known for computer sciences and software engineering. It has eight departments, and 5500 students are currently enrolled. Click on below button to visit your portal.                            


Cuonline Wah

Comsats Wah was established in 2001; it has 11 undergraduate and eight graduate programs. Currently, 3490 students are enrolled in comsats wah. Till now more than 150 research papers has been published. Click on below button to visit your portal. 


Cuonline Lahore

Comsats Lahore was the fourth campus and established in 2002; it offers a total of 33 graduate and undergraduate programs. Currently, 5590 students are enrolled. Click on below button to visit your portal.                                                      


Cuonline Attock

Comsats Attock was the fifth campus and established in 2004; it offers a total of 17 programs. A total of 2520 students are enrolled, and 1430 students are passed out. Click on below button to visit your portal.                                          


Cuonline SWL

Comsats Sahiwal was the sixth campus and established in 2006; it offers 13 undergraduate and five graduated programs. Total students enrolled are 3167, and 2070 students are passed out. Click on below button to visit your portal.


Cuonline Vehari

Comsats Vehari was the seventh campus and established in 2008; it offers a total of 11 programs. More than 2300 students are enrolled. Click on below button to visit your portal.                                                                                                    

CU Online: A Detailed Overview

CU Online (Abbottabad, Islamabad, Lahore, Attock, Vehari, Sahiwal, Wah) is an online management system of comsats institute of information technology. It is used by student, faculty and parents.
People of comsats are obviously well aware of it but I’m writing about it for people who don’t know about it or newbies at comsats. As I mentioned it has three consoles:

As I mentioned it has three consoles:

  • Student Console
  • Faculty Console
  • Parent Console

Student Console:

Student Console is for students where they can monitor their marks, attendance (most important ;-))
And some other important academic things.
Well CU online is an amazing system that has facilitated the student in many ways. As far I have researched no university in Pakistan has such amazing Management system for student, teacher and parents.

Faculty Console:

Well, faculty console is used by teachers and HODs. Where they can monitor their particular classes or students assigned to them.
Teachers can upload marks and assignments which can be then seen by students.
Well I just think how they do it (Software Engineers ;-))

Parents Console:

The one hated by most of the students. Guess why??
Well you know that very well, Parents has access to this portal. Here parents can see their child performance time to time and there is no need of typical PTMs(Parent Teacher Meetings).

That was a little bit intro of Cuonline Comsats. Well below are the links get a quick Tour.

  • Cuonline Abbottabad
  • Cuonline Islamabad
  • Cuonline Attock
  • Cuonline Vehari
  • Cuonline wah
  • Cuonline Lahore
  • Cuonline Sahiwal

New students are a little bit confused about how to use cuonline, for students it’s same for every campus so I decided to make a short tutorial on it.

How to use cuonline Comsats?

First of all, you just need to go to desired address of your console of your campus. You will see a similar interface like shown below:

comsats managment system comsis

You need to input two things:

  • Roll no
  • Password (It’s 123 by default later you can change it)

Once you logged in you will see a couple of features described below:


It shows basic student info and two graphs of attendance and CGPA. See the screenshot below:

comsis dashboard menu

Inside menu, you have many option List is given below:

1. Courses

• Summary
• Class Proceedings
• Q.A/Sess/Final Marks2

2. Course Portal

• Course Content
• Assignment Summary
• Pending Assignments

3. Result

4. Time Table

5. Fee

• Challan
• History

6. Library

• Book Reservation
• Book Borrow History

7. Scholarship

• Apply
• View Form

8. University Clearance

• Apply
• View Status

9. Processing System

• Process
• View Status
• View Course Status

10. Settings

• Profile
• Change Password
• Login History

Well, above were the features of comsats online management system.
We have a big problem with this management system it goes down when traffic is increased in result and registration days. The main reasons behind this problem are discussed in another post which needs to be addressed.
If you liked, share it and share your thoughts in comment area 

“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live.”

—Mortimer Adler

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